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As a business owner, you should always keep an eye out for your local business listing rank on Google. Many customers conduct a local business search when shopping online and this means that having your listing on Google can be very profitable. Even though the most significant factors in the local search may seem to be the business name, address and category it is in, there are several other factors that can help you rank highly. Let’s take a look at some of the strategies that SEO experts use?in their day to day work.


Ask Google to review your listings

Reviews will help Google to verify all your listings and that people are actually visiting the listings you make out. For each and every page visit, the page becomes indexed which is a big help when it comes to getting a higher ranking. It is thus more likely that you end up in the top pages if you have many visitors to your page.

Having coupons on your listing

Having coupons on the page will increase the usefulness and appeal of your listing to people and thus Google may also give you a ranking bonus to any listings you make. You can also add many coupons to a page to attract a variety of clients to it besides the fact that the coupons can help you increase your conversions. Remember that Google also has a coupon search on it so the search for the coupons alone can help you even further.

Complete your listing

Whenever you are making out a listing, ensure that you provide all the details you can. You can make use of videos, photos, operation hours and many other details about your business to improve the clarity of the listing. There is usually a section you can review the completion of the listing you make and add more content if necessary. Having a quality listing with plenty of good photos and details is preferable.

Contact details

You should always include your business address, name and phone number on any listing you make on Google. You should also ensure that you use the phone number and address that you are currently utilizing in your local business center. If all these contact details are there you will get a validation bonus from Google and strongly increase your chances of a higher ranking.

Make use of inbound anchor text

Locating your main keywords in anchor text will help you earn a higher ranking on Google. This is because the inbound anchor texts are seen by Google as verification that the business you have provides services in a certain geographical region.

If the local listing you make on Google is penalized, that can be quite a negative blow to your business since local searches are high in number. By implementing the above techniques you are sure to be in Google’s good books and thus you can safely avoid any penalties to your listing. If you happen to run into technical problems at any stage then you may have to look for local SEO services?for professional help.

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